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* If you make a purchase outside of the time frames listed below on these SPECIAL pages, your payment credit will be
held until the correct time frame and then it will be emailed out. No Refunds given on these orders.

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* "Happy New Year" eFlyer Special Purchase Page: (January 1st-31st) LINK

* "Happy Valentine's Day" eFlyer Special Purchase Page: (Valentine's Day week) LINK

* "SPRING" eFlyer Special Purchase Page: (April 1st-30th) LINK

* "Sell This House this SUMMER" eFlyer Special Purchase Page: (June 1st-Sept 30th) LINK

* "Happy Holiday" eFlyer Special Purchase Page: (Nov 20th-Dec 31st) LINK
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charge a 1.5% late fee compounded monthly and an Accounting Fee of $30 per month to cover the cost of invoicing.  A $35 fee
will be charged for any "insufficient funds" checks to cover bank charges and accounting fees.  ALL Sales are final through
this web site. We are unable to refund Payments made in error.  A credit will be posted under your name for your next order.
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